Spreading light through the extensions of the Soul in the form of music.

go1dfish productions

The world doesn't need any more manufactured music or masks. What the world needs is authenticity, love, and killer beats!



go1dfish was born out of a creative pursuit with no end goal in mind. “An experienced traveler has no firm travel plans.” The creative pursuits take us wherever the flow naturally brings, everything is organic and part of a ‘play’ rather than something that ‘needs’ to happen.

The musical pursuits of go1dfish officially started in June of 2020 with just a few chords. The fingers started dancing on the keyboard with not much conscious effort, and the music you hear comes from the heart, not from the mind. When there are no firm plans and any specific goals in mind, all that there is left is success and peace.

Everything always comes back to this single yet timeless concept: Love. That’s what we are all here for, and while go1dfish and others often forget this, love always finds a way.

What can we do for you?

Power of the Soul

The creations which we can provide for you are extensions of the Soul first, art or music second. 

Songs customized for your videos

The music of go1dfish can be used for free for almost any purpose, with high quality .wav files that can be downloaded for free right here.If you have a need for a custom song with a rhythm that’s perfectly matched for your videography or have other specific needs, go1dfish can be contacted at heartofgo1dfishy@gmail.com to discuss this in more details.

Other side hustles of go1dfish

Everything that go1dfish does, comes from the heart and there are no certain expectations on how things will turn out in the long run. One of these is PeppysHemp.com which is an affordable line of high quality hemp, with over 20% CBD being offered at prices that are well below industry standard, at much higher quality.

Meet the team

all of us are in this together, ya know.

Chance doesn’t exist, all of us get brought together for a reason.



Brains of the operation.



The instrument.

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